The automotive industry is usually associated with large premises and concentrated focus on brand image. A customer intending to make a serious investment in a new vehicle needs to be reassured that he or she is choosing the right brand. It is vital to know how the customers’ behaviour affects the digital communication; in which areas do customers tend to stay longer/shorter and why?

The automotive industry usually has high quality digital material, which is used in other communication channels. We can often use this material and with slight changes make it suitable for digital signage. It is important to create clear and consistent communication that reflects customer behaviour on the premises.

Large premises and high quality digital material also demand top of the line displays to do the content justice and to achieve the desired effect. To create a really inspiring environment by finding the right digital mix is vital, whether it is applied via smaller displays, touch-screens, video-walls or LED display walls.


How does digital signage help the automotive industry to sell more cars?

  • Builds excitement and enhances the brand.

  • Reassures the customer of their choice.


  • Promotes higher margin add-ons.


  • Creates an inspiring environment.


  • Assures consistent signage throughout the brand.


Anders Morin

Business development aftersales automotive / Bilia

We can see as much as 40-60% growth when the displays are combined with the products.

Ulf Tore Hekneby

Brand Manager / Volkswagen

ZetaDisplays portal enables us and our dealerships to have full control over the content both locally and centrally. We are very satisfied!

Björn Johansson

Retail Network Development Sweden / Mercedes-Benz Sverige AB

It exceeds my expectations! I am more than satisfied; I'm proud!

Mercedes Stand

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