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What we do

ZetaDisplay is a full-service supplier of communication solutions designed to influence behavior in a physical shop, public space or office environment. We act based on a deep understanding of human behavior in decision-making situations. We deliver our insights with the aid of a smart technical platform which generates engaging Digital Signage solutions.

How to use Digital Signage for successful communications in the workplace

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Our customer avenues


In today’s retail environment, visual digital surfaces enable you to increase the number of new customers, offer an inspiring customer experience and
increase sales. We deliver customized solutions for value-building customer experiences in all retail environments. Our digital signage concepts solve a
wide range of business goals and challenges in an increasingly integrated digital retail environment, with high demands on solutions towards clear
business benefits and ROI.

Public & Media

In public environments, there are often particularly high demands on reliability. Today, we deliver solutions and concepts for all types of public needs. Everything from stadiums, digital advertising billboards, info screens to airports, train transport, real estate, shopping centers, infrastructure, and other public places. These areas come with extraordinary requirements for operational reliability, visual impact, and adaptation. Projects generally involve long-term service contracts and on-going conceptual and technical development at all levels of complexity.

Corporate communication

Modern corporate communication today is about dialogue, everyday conversations, online integration, employee inspiration and smart screens. With our portfolio of solutions for both employees, visitors, and guests. Effective culture promotion through visitor experience and dialogue are effectively established. Corporate Digital signage is used today in all companies’ various hubs such as social zones and externally for guests, for culture-building brand experience, relevant real-time information in production facilities and factories, or for extended target group engagement.


These modern displays accurately unveil the delectable freshly prepared meals, offering you a visual feast like never before.

A live stream to the bakery also shows what is being prepared in real-time, allowing customers to look over the baker’s shoulder and be tempted by the fresh goods.

Let’s talk Digital Signage!

With our understanding of your customers’ behavior at the point of decision, we create a solution that is tailored to your needs and truly integrated with your digital ecosystem. Want to know how we can support you?