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Convenience stores

A customer usually knows what he or she is looking for when entering a convenience store. Research shows that clear, attractive and tempting offers will help break the customer’s autopilot and increase unplanned impulsive purchases. Convenience stores are usually small, but equipped with multiple displays. The industry often focuses on using displays to increases sales, and when they are used correctly the results speak for themselves.

Increasing conversions in a convenience store

  • It helps customers to make informed decisions.
  • Stimulates impulse purchases by showing tempting and delicious content.
  • Builds and enhances the desired atmosphere.
  • Converts queue waiting time to value time.
  • Promotes higher-margin products.
  • Customises different offers by choosing a target group or a specific time of day.


How to influence the customer to make an unplanned purchase.


The placement of displays is truly important and if used correctly, they will help increase sales.


Clear, attractive and tempting offers will help break the customers autopilot and increase unplanned impulse purchases.

Client cases

Pink Fish

Creating a seamless customer journey

Even in Norway, the home country for Salmon, there was a gap in offering fresh Salmon. Pink Fish uses Digital Signage to offer a seamless customer journey, where every system is integrated into each other.