Corporate Communication

Well-informed and updated employees are a great asset to any organisation and are also its most important ambassadors. Digital signage is the primary tool to make sure the employees get correct and timely information, regardless of whether it is presented on digital displays in the lunchroom or via other digital channels such as smart phones or tablets.

Studies show that employee engagement increases when they feel involved in company operations. With digital signage tailored messages can be made to each employee or department to make sure that they get the right information. Correct and relevant communication strengthens the company culture.

How can digital signage contribute to higher employee morale?

  • By showing the right information at the right time to the right employee.


  • By creating valuable synergies when using digital signage to promote such other information sources as intranet or social media.




  • It builds and enhances the desired workplace atmosphere.





  • It increases the participation and engagement of employees.





  • It can integrate the company values while showing them in an entertaining and interesting way. Creates a culture!





  • Manages and follows up which employees have received and read the information and who needs to be reminded again by a simple click via the customer interface.