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Grocery retail

Digital Signage provides exceptional guidance and inspiration for the stressed consumer at the moment of decision in the grocery store. The key is to provide a varied, relevant user experience in a busy environment – an experience that both inspires and converts to sales.

Digital Signage general advantages in the grocery retail environment

  • Builds excitement and enhances the right atmosphere.
  • Converts queue waiting time to value time.
  • Promotes higher margin products or campaign offers.
  • Creates an inspiring shopping environment.
  • Customises different offers by target group or a specific time of day.
  • Keeps the customer in the store longer and gives a higher conversion rate.
  • Makes shopping online and in the physical store a seamless experience.


To provide a varied user experience in a busy environment – an experience that both drives conversion, and also feels credible. Another challenge is the growing competition from online stores.


To provide guidance and inspiration at the moment of decision in the store.


Intelligent solutions where dynamic pricing and content management promote a personalised offer in combination with the inventory status of a specific product.

Client cases


Refreshed turnkey solution backed by data with increased ROI

Grocery retail chain Hemköp wanted to challenge established Digital Signage practices and deliver a refreshed in-store solution backed by data and analytics across its network of stores in Sweden.


Full turnkey digital signage solution

Our team at Peakmedia has been working with INTERSPAR since 2016 to provide a fully turnkey digital signage solution, encompassing design, installation, assembly, commissioning and content management and software setups for 76 branches with a network of over 600 screens.