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Hypermarket INTERSPAR joined forces with us to transform their Schottentor branch in Vienna

The evolution of dining with the introduction of dynamic digital menu boards at Market Kitchen. These modern displays accurately unveil the delectable freshly prepared meals, offering you a visual feast like never before. Get set to explore a culinary wonderland at your fingertips!


Prior to having a digital solution, INTERSPAR was relying on manual content changes of physical menu boards to keep customers informed about the options available throughout the day. This required regular refreshes of printed materials and relied on staff changing the posters on time, which is not always easy during busy periods.


A series of eight LG displays located above the stylish Market Kitchen restaurant in the middle of the grocery store create a ‘living menu’. The content changes automatically as the menu options evolve throughout the day to keep customers informed about what is available at any given time, from bowls and yoghurts in the morning, snacks at lunch and fruit salad in the afternoon.

A live stream to the bakery also shows what is being prepared in real-time, allowing customers to look over the baker’s shoulder and be tempted by the fresh goods.

Content can be regularly updated by the INTERSPAR team to reflect any seasonal specials by using stored template layouts, ensuring brand consistency. It is also possible to create content in advance and schedule it to play at the desired time using the content management system.

The professional LG screens are perfect for 24/7 operation with 4k resolution to ensure that the content displayed captures the attention of shoppers passing by. An anti-reflective surface also ensures no reflections on the displays for maximum viewability.


The automated dayparting of content ensures that the right menus are always displayed, reducing the burden on staff and resulting in happy customers who can make well informed decisions.

The digital solution also reduces the need for any printed materials as the digital messaging can be refreshed and scheduled to appear instantly. The digital format also extends the possibilities of the content, including video formats which are proven to capture shopper attention more effectively than static messaging.

Our team at Peakmedia has been working with INTERSPAR since 2016 to provide a fully turnkey digital signage solution, encompassing design, installation, assembly, commissioning and content management and software setups for 76 branches with a network of over 600 screens. This includes the first installations of portrait format solutions in the checkout area of ​​the INTERSPAR hypermarket at Schottentor, for which special holding devices were required due to monument protection.

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