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Interspar – Slovenia

Innovative sustainability

Interspar has recently expanded into Maribor, Slovenia with Peakmedia. They have implemented an innovative concept of sustainably oriented smoothie bar that takes the customer experience to a new level. Located in the vibrant Europark shopping center, directly in front of the Interspar brand, the smoothie bar not only stands as a freshening attraction, but also emphasizes Interspar’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. The main goal of this pilot is to use fruit that is no longer for sale, making the smoothie bar a symbol of innovative sustainability efforts.


With this new pilot, Interspar wanted to capture customers’ attention and ensure they understood the sustainability messaging behind the smoothie bar.

They also needed a way to promote the healthy menu options the smoothie bar provided.


ZetaDisplay provided an innovative digital signage solution that uses animations and emotive advertising to enrich  the customer experience and specifically direct visitors’ attention.

Two 43-inch monitors were installed in portrait format for the menus and arranged at a 90° angle. An additional video wall was added to maximize visibility and ensure optimal content display. This digital signage solution enables Interspar to present the content efficiently, with the focus on conveying price information and product videos.

In addition to technical project planning and implementation, the focus was always on the pursuit of an improved customer experience and to ensure enhanced brand communication.


The displays allow the smoothie bar to showcase their daily special and new menu items. This helps to enhance their brand messaging and further strengthen their marketing communications.

Customers are met with an efficient and modern ordering process, helping to enhance their overall experience.

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