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Oslo Central Station

Upgrading Visitor Experience

Oslo Central station is Norway’s busiest railway station with over 150,000 visitors a day. The station has connections to local and regional trains in Norway, Sweden and further into Europe.

Over the years the displays located around the station have become worn and broken, causing an inconsistency in visual appearance when screens have had to be replaced. Due to their age, screen brightness has started to dim, making it hard for commuters to read information. The station was in dire need to replace its current central GDS LCD display screen to continue effectively delivering time sensitive information to commuters and bring a consistent look and feel to the station’s interior.


This project operated under a very tight timeline, with only a two week window to complete. The station wanted to wrap up all work in December 2023 ahead of the holidays and the anticipated heightened activity during that period.

To accommodate the station’s busy schedule during regular hours, the installation team had to execute their tasks overnight, commencing at 10pm and concluding by 6am before the morning influx of commuters.

Given the station’s constant schedules, the installation teams needed to coordinate with on-site security personnel and six other departments. This collaboration ensured they had the correct health and safety equipment and access essential for the successful and timely completion of the project.

When setting up the new massive LED screen, the installation team knew that the existing pillar structure, which the previous screen was attached to, fell short in length. Consequently, the team extended the pillar by an additional 20 metres to accommodate the new screen.


A 1 x 126 sq metre LED video wall was positioned at the entrance of the station, welcoming commuters into the space and providing essential travel information throughout the day. The screen is the largest indoor LED screen for non-commercial use currently in Europe.

Due to its sheer size, two LED screen wings were added to each side of the screen to provide a curved appearance allowing commuters to read travel information from any part of the station.

The solution also included installing multiple smaller LightRolex LED screens in different areas of the station to provide essential travel updates on departures and arrivals.


Oslo Central Station’s digital transformation has reaped many benefits and increased operational efficiency. The central LED screen has provided the station with a cohesive interior look whilst also serving as a practical tool for commuters to access clear and concise travel information.

The newly installed screens provide more energy efficiency, helping to align with the station’s commitment to fostering sustainability.

We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from ZetaDisplay. The team worked quickly, ensuring minimal disruption for commuters and delivering outstanding results. Their professionalism and dedication exceeded our expectations. The new LED screens have elevated our communication efforts to a whole new level, capturing the attention of our audience like never before. ZetaDisplay’s innovative technology and impeccable execution have truly transformed the station. We look forward to continuing our partnership and exploring future opportunities together.

Victor Hansen, Director Customer and Traffic Information at Bane NOR

* Photo credit: Nikolas Gogstad, Bane NOR

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