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KFC gained valuable insights into drive-thru speed and customer flow

Winding veils round their heads, the women walked on deck. They were now moving steadily down the river, passing the dark shapes of ships at anchor, and London was a swarm of lights with a pale yellow canopy drooping above it. There were the lights of the great theatres, the lights of the long streets, lights that indicated huge squares of domestic comfort, lights that hung high in air.

KFC conducted a trial of the ZetaDisplay webOS solution in its restaurants located in Nijmegen, Arnhem, and Almere back in 2015. The positive outcome of the test prompted them to adopt the LG digital menu boards for all new and renovated KFC outlets across the Nordics.

Partnering with ZetaDisplay allowed KFC to enhance its customer journey strategy and framework. This collaboration resulted in numerous benefits for KFC, including improved recruitment content for ISTV, enhance Crew TV channel content, and real-time drive-thru speed optimization. One of the key advantages of implementing ZetaDisplays solution was the ability to create a seamless and engaging customer experience throughout various touchpoints.


To ensure optimal performance in a restaurant where fresh chicken is prepared daily, it was essential to safeguard the screens against moisture, grease, and dust. Additionally, KFC aimed to exercise central and local control over the screens.

Furthermore, KFC sought an appropriate communication channel to interact with its staff. They wished to disseminate information on hygiene regulations, and current news, and incorporate entertainment through, social media, and birthday messages.


KFC chose LG webOS monitors, without external media players, which can be remotely controlled by ZetaDisplays proprietary software. These specific monitors feature a so-called System On a Chip (SoC) in the screen which leads to significant savings both initially and in operational management, power consumption, and maintenance.

Within the restaurant, a video wall consisting of five portrait screens is installed, accompanied by an additional separate screen. Through the implementation of Digital Signage software, the digital menu boards have the capability to display various campaigns in an alternating manner. Content creation can be managed either centrally or locally by KFC. Whether it’s a new promotion or a special event, the software allows for customized campaigns to be scheduled based on specific times and parts of the day, ensuring that extra attention is given to these important initiatives.

ZetaDisplays solution enabled KFC to revamp their crew TV channel, which is dedicated to communicating important updates and fostering a positive work environment for employees. With ZetaDisplays technology, KFC can now deliver dynamic and engaging content, such as training videos, recognition messages and performance metrics, directly to their crew members. This resulted in increased employee engagement, better communication and ultimately, improved team morale.


ZetaDisplays real-time data analytics capabilities played a crucial role in optimizing KFC’s drive-thru operations. By leveraging ZetaDisplays solution, KFC gained valuable insights into drive-thru speed and customer flow. These insights empowered the restaurant managers to make data-driven decisions, adjust staffing levels, and streamline processes to reduce waiting times, resulting in improved customers satisfaction and increased throughput.

The digital screens installed are equipped with a unique protective coating that effectively prevents the penetration of kitchen-related elements such as grease, moisture, and dust into the digital menu boards. As a result, the electronics remain undamaged, leading to extended screen longevity.

Furthermore, the integration of the internal operating system webOS eliminates the need for an external media player, reducing energy consumption and lowering costs. Additionally, ZetaDisplays screens facilitate simple software installation and maintenance, providing convenience and efficiency.

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