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Metsä Fibre

Efficient Wayfinding Solution for heavy goods vehicles at bioproduct mill.

The Metsä Fibre required an innovative and efficient wayfinding solution to direct heavy goods vehicles around the manufacturing plant situated in Kemi, guide drivers to the on-site loading and unloading bays and show exit lanes and emergency protocol messages relating to health and safety.

The Metsä Fibre leads the way in bioeconomy investing in growth and developing bioproducts for a fossil free future. The international organisation is rooted in the Finnish forest with its parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative owned by nearly 100,000 forest owners. Its international group Headquarters is located in Espoo, South Finland situated alongside other high technology businesses.

Photo: Metsä Group


The location site is located at the northernmost corner of the Bay of Bothnia, which is prone to strong gale force winds and heavy snowfall. The outdoor LED solution needed to be robust and able to withstand all weather conditions.

It was also important that the solution was flexible and could be moved out of place on the roundabout for oncoming traffic to pass if needed. Positioned at 120 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, the LED solution had to be bright enough to be seen during heavy snowfall periods over the winter months.

An accurate site survey needed to be conducted to ensure the ground was able to withstand the base for the LED screen and that there were no anomalies underneath the terrain. During construction the site had to be frequently cleared of snowfall before work could begin again.


ZetaDisplay delivered a wayfinding solution that featured a large LED screen delivered in partnership with Jumbo Screen Oy fixed to a moveable base in the middle of the roundabout by the factory. A 3 x 4 metre LED screen stands on 6 metre base directing oncoming cargo to the Bio factory. The wayfinding solution uses vehicle recognition technology to scan the oncoming traffic and direct to the correct bay locations: Baling, Chemicals and Wood field.

This LED way-finding solution was necessary to drive efficiency across the factory and ensure the right trucks were directed to the correct bays.

The content solution features a number of different templates outlining the bay areas, if it is safe to enter and which bay the driver needs to drive to, along with general road safety measures to observe whilst moving around the site.

The turnkey digital signage solution is powered through ZetaDisplay proprietary CMS  and features a pre-programmed playlist that can be altered should the need arise.

We are really impressed with the turnkey design and  installation from ZetaDisplay. We required a large outdoor LED screen that would clearly communicate to the oncoming traffic which loading and unloading bay they would need to drive to and display key health and safety warnings as and when required. Overall, the solution has improved operational efficiency across the manufacturing plant and alleviated any wayfinding concerns we previously had.

Teemu Perälä, Customer Project Manager, Metsä Fibre


The screen has ensured all drivers are receiving the same information and are kept up-to-date in real-time, minimizing confusion and ensuring a smoother operation overall. Additionally, the screen serves as a central hub for announcements, ensuring that important messages reach all drivers promptly and uniformly. This level of communication efficiency has not only improved safety protocols but has also increased productivity by reducing downtime and streamlining logistics.

Overall, the implementation of the screen has significantly optimized the communication flow within the factory premises, benefitting both the staff and the drivers alike.

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