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A redefined customer journey, creating an innovative retail experience for customers

European telecommunications operator Tele2 was looking to reinvigorate its instore experience for customers. ZetaDisplay designed and delivered a refreshed Digital Signage solution for the new concept store in Täby, Stockholm.

This achieved the goals of revamping their customer journey and experience whilst delivering enhanced communications to support sales. The new approach has proved a hit with the retail teams and customers alike, and is now being rolled out across 22 stores in Sweden.


Tele2’s main priorities were capturing the attention of their customers from the off-set and enhancing the overall customer journey. They wanted the ability to manage content both regionally and from their HQ to ensure brand continuity between stores. They also wanted to be able to update content at a moment’s notice across a variety of display types and sizes.


ZetaDisplay has worked alongside Tele2 for over five years. The company designed and installed a turnkey solution to reimagine the customer journey for the Stockholm Concept Store in Täby. This experience starts before guests have even stepped foot in the store with a striking LED Display adorning the front to capture shoppers’ attention with creative campaigns and entice them inside. This 2.6mm pixel pitch LED from manufacturer ExPromo frames the exterior of the store in a creative way, flowing across the top and down four pillars, which customers walk in-between to get inside. The display has a total 23.5msq display area and a 140° viewing angle, so customers approaching from all directions can see the creative content.

Inside, the store signage solution varies depending on the size of the floor space, but follows the same solution as the concept store. In the Täby store, 8x 37” Samsung stretch LCD displays have been placed above the counters where customers can experience the latest phones and tablets, a 75” Samsung display behind the payment desk shares the latest brand messaging and a 55” display in portrait manages a virtual queuing system. The content management for the exterior signage and the interior displays is managed on ZetaDisplay’s proprietary CMS platform. This was already in place for scheduling and management of content across the retail estate supported by ZetaDisplay, so the team can continue to manage the messaging for all screens remotely as well as create and schedule playlists. Tele2’s new Digital Signage platforms go a step beyond the traditional 16:9 display formation, making them even more eye-catching and engaging for customers.


Using ZetaDisplay solutions, Tele2 has been able to redefine the customer journey, creating an innovative retail experience for customers. LED displays allow them to share key messages with their audience on a global and regional level and help customers make informed decisions around their purchases.

The ZetaDisplay setup creates a unique atmosphere for Tele2 customers leaving a lasting impression, whilst giving Tele2 the opportunity to customise offers for different target groups depending on the time of day. Consistent branding and content promotion across all screens generates the opportunities to further up-sell and cross-sell to varied audiences.

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