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Apotek 1 Revolutionizes Allergy Care with Live Pollen Updates in Norway’s First Digital Signage Window Displays

Partnering with ZetaDisplay, and content provider Airmine, Apotek 1 sought to leverage innovative technology to deliver live pollen forecasts through digital signage window displays in their stores across Norway.

Apotek 1, the largest pharmacy chain in Norway, is renowned for its commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions to its customers. As part of their dedication to customer well-being, Apotek 1 recognised the importance of offering real-time pollen updates to help allergy sufferers manage their symptoms effectively.


Allergy sufferers often struggle to find accurate and timely information about pollen levels in their local area. Traditional methods of disseminating pollen forecasts, such as through websites or mobile apps, were not always accessible to customers in real-time, especially when they were on the move or visiting physical stores and the regions they cover are far too wide.

Apotek 1 faced the challenge of finding a solution that could deliver live and hyper-local pollen updates directly to their customers in an engaging and easily accessible format without the need for downtime for their business, or increase in staffing numbers.


Apotek 1 partnered with ZetaDisplay to implement Digital Signage Window 250 displays across Norway. These displays were integrated with Airmine’’s pollen forecast data, providing customers with real-time information about pollen levels in their local area.

Airmine’s unique technology, which utilises satellite data, vegetation mapping, weather data, topography, and sensor data, ensures accurate and reliable pollen forecasts tailored to specific geographic locations.

The digital signage displays not only showcase live pollen updates but also feature local pollen maps, highlighting variations in pollen levels across different regions of Norway. This comprehensive approach enables customers to make informed decisions about managing their allergies based on the latest information.

Partnering with Apotek 1 and ZetaDisplay to deliver live pollen updates through digital signage has been incredibly rewarding. We are proud to provide accurate and timely information to allergy sufferers, empowering them to manage their symptoms effectively. The positive feedback from customers demonstrates the impact of this innovative solution in enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

Kristin Pettersen Grenan, CEO, Airmine


Expert advice:

The pollen forecasts enable a healthier discussion about allergy relief and treatment. Customer who sees the forecasts can now get expert advice from the Apotek 1 staff based on the current conditions.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Customers can access real-time pollen forecasts conveniently while visiting Apotek 1 stores, improving their overall shopping experience.

Increased Awareness:

By prominently displaying pollen forecasts in-store, Apotek 1 raises awareness about seasonal allergies and demonstrates its commitment to customer health and well-being.

Accurate and Timely Information:

Airmine’’s advanced technology ensures that customers receive up-to-date and reliable pollen forecasts, helping them plan their activities and medication usage accordingly.


The interactive nature of the digital signage displays captures customers’ attention and encourages them to engage with the content, fostering a deeper connection with the Apotek 1 brand.

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