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Wirtschaftskammer – Economic Chamber Imst

When art meets digital innovation

On October 11th, 2023, the district office of the economic chamber in Imst, Austria Wirtschaftskammer Imst (WK Imst) underwent a remarkable transformation, leading to its ceremonious reopening. Just a year and a half earlier, the site had been cleared, paving the way for the construction of a new cutting edge office building that now stands proudly in its place. The building not only serves as headquarters for the WK Imst but also houses the education center of the economic chamber in Imst.

The open and modern attitude is reflected in the architecture of the building, from its bright rooms, glass surround and round lamps that are positioned on the ceilings. Due to the open design, particular attention was paid to the white wall at the staircase which is visible from the basement all the way up to the top floor. WK Imst was looking for an eye-catching centrepiece that reflected the modern architecture of the building as well as the philosophy of the location. Inspired by the installation in the Wetscher residential and furnishing store, the choice fell on installing a unique mosaic wall.


The bespoke installation, spanning four floors and stretching an impressive 13 metres in length is reminiscent of an oversized puzzle meticulously pieced together.

The main challenge of this project was the sheer number of screens and their different sizes and weights. As an example, four 86-inch screens each weighing around 70 kilos were placed at a height of twelve metres. Navigating the intricacies of this project required a keen understanding of structural integrity and meticulous attention to detail. Due to this, precision was key, there was a high risk that even the smallest measurement error would be magnified when installing each display.

The cable lengths were a critical consideration. A 20-meter cable was installed from the towering 14-meter-high top screen to link up the displays. Given the sheer elevation of the screen, the installation team prioritized high-quality materials renowned for their resilience under tension. Despite these precautions, wear and tear over time could compromise the cable’s integrity. To pre-emptively address this, the team foresaw potential issues and installed backup cables for swift deployment in case of an emergency. This strategic measure avoids the hassle of replacements further down the line.


ZetaDisplay seamlessly integrated a captivating mosaic-inspired installation, blending the realms of art and digital innovation. With 20 monitors ranging from 43 to 86 inches, boasting over 12,000 pixels collectively, the result is a stunning convergence of technology and creativity.

The meticulous groundwork laid over two days paved the way for a swift and efficient installation process on site, resulting in the project’s completion within a remarkable three-day timeframe. This rapid execution stands as a testament to the thorough preparation and expertise of the installation team, ensuring a flawless transition from concept to reality.


The mosaic wall art provides an impactful welcome experience to all guests entering the building and serves as a constant reminder of the company’s unwavering pursuit of progress and its aspiration to leave a lasting impact on both its industry.

“All in all, we faced a number of challenges in this project, but a look at the mosaic wall shows that the effort was worth it.”

Thomas Suchan, Head of Technology, Tyrol

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