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What we do

ZetaDisplay is a full-service supplier of communication solutions designed to influence behavior in a physical shop, public space or office environment. We act based on a deep understanding of human behavior in decision-making situations. We deliver our insights with the aid of a smart technical platform which generates engaging Digital Signage solutions.

How to use Digital Signage for successful communications in the workplace

Boost your communications with the power of Digital Signage. Download guide to create a dynamic workplace environment.

Did you know, Digital Signage increases retail sales by up to 33%

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Our customer avenues


Delivering a tailor-made experience in the moment of truth in a physical shop environment. In a turbulent retail environment, Digital Signage helps measurably to increase footfall and spend per visitor.


Providing confidence to our customers that complex public Digital Signage solutions work smoothly, safely and reliably. We adhere to rigid service level agreements and breathe technical know-how, excellent customer support and have sufficient feet on the ground. Rough conditions met by a highly professional organization.

Corporate communication

Cutting through the clutter of organizational and personal communication messages. We do that by designing relevant content delivered where people move in a workplace: entrance, coffee corner, canteen.


CMS & Video wall for maximum customer experience

Europe’s leading cinema exhibitors realized early on that the best way to communicate was visual. Learn how Pathé uses video walls and our CMS to maximize customers experience and engagement. Moving away from traditional visual merchandising such as static Point Of Sale material, posters and big carton displays, Pathé Arnhem was the first full ‘digital’ cinema in the Netherlands utilising a complete digital signage solution.

Let’s talk Digital Signage!

With our understanding of your customers’ behavior at the point of decision, we create a solution that is tailored to your needs and truly integrated with your digital ecosystem. Want to know how we can support you?