ZetaStudio is ZetaDisplays creative department. We specialise in graphic design, creative services, media production and broadcasting for digital signage. If your company wishes to communicate in a dynamic and innovative way with your customers look no further!



Successful digital signage

Everyone can appreciate attractive design; we are all drawn to it. But when it comes to digital signage, less is more. A common mistake is trying to say too much. Digital signage is not about telling a story, delivering a presentation, or to redefining a broadcast commercial. Content loaded down with too much messaging quickly loses its effectiveness as the viewer is given more than they can focus on.

From experience we have found that it is crucial to follow some core principles. By understanding the purpose we are able to create channels with the right content mix. A strong perspective of the objectives combined with attractive design and composition creates an effective content mix for digital signage whether the intention is to increase sales, build a brand or provide inspiration.

Our team

Even the best, most robust, sophisticated and technologically advanced digital signage investment lacks value without effective content. The content can make or break the success of digital signage systems effectiveness. The importance of partnering or forming a content development team cannot be overlooked.

We work in creative teams where each team member brings a variety of expertise, knowledge and creative craziness. Our core skills include video production, editing, content design, data integration, motion graphics, 3D modelling and animation. We love to generate great ideas and help our customers to communicate them effectively using all kind of techniques and technology.

Check out our Showreel above! It shows examples of productions of which we are particularly proud, and the range of techniques we have in our team.



Cost effective and dynamic content production

Research shows that changing messages frequently results in increased sales. We can also see a trend amongst our clients of producing more content than ever. Again the mix of content is of importance; some content has a long life while some is only relevant for a few hours. To support this the production of the fast changing messages must be both cost-effective and time-efficient to produce. To meet this need we create custom made templates.

A template is a tool with which to create content. We design and programme a layout, which then gives our customers the possibility to create an infinite amount of content within minutes. Our ZetaPortal content tool provides our customers with full control over their content, including the ability to create, change, delete and schedule content from any device; mobile, tablet or computer.

To get the best result we customise the templates in accordance with the clients´needs, whether it be is a simple template showing text, price and product or a more advanced template with dynamic content collected automatically from different sources.

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