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How it works

In-store music enhances the brand experience

Your customers make decisions based on emotions. Livequbes brand experts know how to use in-store music to positively influence them to help your business grow.  

Stream tailored and scheduled playlists by experts.  

Not by an algorithm. Easy and legal. 

1. The music selection 

We assess your brand based on the NeedScope-model to create the right atmosphere in your place of business.  

2. Playlists are scheduled

We schedule the right music at the right time, and the music starts and stops within your opening hours.

3. Plug and play

Simply connect the Liveqube player to your music system.  

4. Peace of mind

We update the music for you, and you can focus on your business. 


Playing the correct background music is proven to increase sales. There is a variety of mechanisms we can control; we know which buttons to push. 

  • Perceived quality of a product and service  
  • Type and amount of goods sold 
  • Willingness to spend 


State of mind  

When playing background music, you can affect the listeners state of mind.

  • Influence the identity of a brand  
  • Reduce the perceived waiting time 
  • Music affects your energy level
  • Increase dwell time 

A comfortable musical backdrop

Entering a silent place of business makes you less welcome and many can feel reluctant to contact the staff. 

  • Protect speech privacy   
  • Reduce unwanted noise  
  • Increase comfort 

“Average sales increased by 31.7% when brand-fit background music was played compared with when incongruent background music was played in the store.  “

“What does your brand sound like?” (2015)

Johansson, G., & Moradi, J.

Entrance of clothing store in mall

Inspire and engage through your atmosphere

  • Get control of how your brand feels
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in delivering in-store music to brands like McDonald´s, 7-eleven, Odeon Cinemas, Norrøna, Thon Hotels and Domino´s Pizza
  • Weekly music updates

We seek to inspire and engage through the powerful tool of music.

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Hotel Sommero

A musical journey through time, transitioning from the past to the present as guests ascend through the recently renovated building, giving each space within the hotel its unique musical identity.

Norrøna Flagship store – Munich

A complete in store multimedia experience with liveqube’s brand fit music solution


Widespread customer satisfaction, improved content visibility and increased ROI