Our History


Mats Johansson, Martin Gullberg and Mikael Öberg were struck by the idea of combining technology and advertising to create tangible business value at the point of purchase and founded ZetaDisplay. Together and with the support of leading researchers in the area we designed, tested and perfected some of the first digital signage solutions in Scandinavia.


We started our research facility, the ZetaAcademy, to discover how Last Meter Marketing with digital displays can affect consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. The ZetaAcademy is headed by professor Ulf Johansson of Lund University School of economics and management.


ZetaDisplay is a full-service digital signage provider with extensive experience within digital strategy and last meter marketing. As one of the market leaders in our industry we help our customers shape their future of digital communication at the point of purchase through creative content and cutting edge technology!

ZetaDisplay – Who We Are

ZetaDisplay was founded in 2003 in Malmö, Sweden and has over the last decade pioneered the development of last meter marketing and set standards for our industry. We take great pride in the expertise and experience we have gathered by working with our customers, industry experts and our ZetaDisplay team. ZetaDisplay has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Baltic States and Holland.

Our employees are a reflection of the needs of our customers and through our four core business units ZetaSolution, ZetaPlatform, ZetaStudio and ZetaKnowledge we provide everything you need to effectively appeal to customers on-site and online.



We strive to pioneer the development and set the standards for our industry. Through expertise and experience we believe that close relationships with our customers will develop both their and our growth.



ZetaDisplay's mission is to be a full-service provider that delivers software and services for digital signage that generate increased sales for the retail- and service trade, and a positive experience for its customers.



Our vision is to create tangible business value for clients across Europe and ultimately around the world through Last Meter Marketing and digital multi-channel communication.

What We Do

ZetaDisplay is a creative provider of cutting edge solutions for digital communications. We help our customers reach their target audience in a direct and powerful way, increasing sales and streamlining marketing efforts. We believe that in-store marketing with dynamic digital displays just may be the most effective way to increase the margins; we call it Last Meter Marketing.

Last Meter Marketing using digital displays isn’t just about displays – or a lot of complicated technology. It’s about communication, sales and how we support our customers with products, services and our deep understanding of digital communication. We work strategically with our customers to create effective digital signage solutions that support their business activities. We provide everything you need to effectively appeal to customers on site and online.

At ZetaDisplay, we believe that the digital communication with the customers, whether it is online, in the store or through mobile or social devices, will be the most important and effective tool to engage and influence customer behaviour in the future.