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Opportunity to experience a tailored buying journey

Škoda is one of the oldest car makers, with origins dating back to the 1800’s. They have an international presence, with dealerships across the World. Originating from the Czech republic, Škoda have built their brand reputation on offering an excellent and high-quality range of cars.

Škoda required a digital solution that would attract customers to visit its dealerships  providing an opportunity to configure their own car designs and view them in detail on displays. ZetaDisplay designed and delivered a turnkey Digital Signage solution using screens from the Samsung display portfolio to transform Škoda’s customer journey into a personalised and interactive experience.


In the summer of 2022, Denmark played host to the start of the Tour de France. As one of its main sponsors, Škoda wanted to roll out a digital solution across its 10 Danish showrooms in time for the tour to launch, before rolling it out to its other 35 stores located in the Nordic regions. This gave the ZetaDisplay team limited time to design and install the digital solutions across Škoda’s Danish networks.

Škoda were originally using software to configure customised designs for customers on Škoda car models. This was done using bespoke software on an iPad and mirror casting it on a display screen. Although this was a way for the customer to see the design come to life, the software was often slow, and lacked the interactive element Škoda were looking for.


ZetaDisplay installed a 55” Samsung display screen on the showroom floor with pre-configured content that promotes the Škoda branding, grabbing customers attention as soon as they walk through the showroom doors.

A 65” LED touch screen display was installed in the centre of the dealership with interactive controls giving customers the ability to configure a chosen car model at the touch of a button.

The car configuration integration designed by the international concept team allows potential buyers to fully personalise a range of automobiles from wheels, rims, interior finishes and exterior colours helping to enhance the customer experience by encouraging more dwell time on the sales floor, and providing an interactive and personalised customer experience.

The car configuration tool also provides the sales teams with the support they need to explain different levels of customisation, helping to further aid upsales driving in-store revenue.

ZetaDisplay developed a bespoke CMS solution to make content easy to manage for the Škoda team, incorporating easy-to-update templates controlled via ZetaDisplay’s proprietary Engage CMS software.

Our dealerships now emanate the same quality as our cars, giving our customers the opportunity to configure a car to suit their own individual preferences. We are very happy with the results.

Niels Pilgaard Hansen, Head of Marketing & PR, Škoda


Thanks to the displays which seamlessly match the exclusivity of the cars, Škoda customers can feel the sense of quality on offer as they explore the different areas of the showroom floor.

Customers can now feel informed of the latest products, and branding updates on offer via the crystal-clear display screens placed throughout the showroom floor. They now have the opportunity to experience a tailored buying journey through customising cars to their individual needs and preferences.

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