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Norrøna House

Innovative House

ZetaDisplay worked with premium outdoor clothing brand Norrøna to deliver a digital signage solution that transforms its flagship store into a storytelling mecca. The immersive 2,600 square meter multifunctional destination also features ultra-modern event facilities, a bar and café and a Storm Lab product testing facility!


Following the success of our 40 store roll out, Norrøna was looking to continue with the approach of using cleverly integrated digital signage to immerse customers into the brand lifestyle, showcasing exciting expedition content, engaging videos and captivating scenic photography. The strategic placement and design of the display needed to seamlessly integrate with the overall store environment to ensure the best aesthetic.

The solution also needed to deliver an omni-channel retail approach, seamlessly connecting online and offline shopping encounters for a consistent and seamless customer experience.

With Norrøna’s focus on sustainability through its Norrøna Reuse scheme and onsite service center for repair, it was essential that all display technology match its green credentials.


In the main retail space an 8 x 2 meter Absen LED display serves as a powerful tool for driving foot traffic, increasing dwell time and ultimately boosting retail sales. Located at the far end of the store, this high bright, high resolution screen serves as a beacon, gently nudging customers to explore different the sections and drawing them into the space.

The 1.8mm pixel pitch perfectly displays every detail of the captivating content at a 4000 x 1152 resolution, ensuring all products and brand messaging are shown in the best possible light.

Content is scheduled and managed using ZetaDisplay’s proprietary Engage Suite CMS. This ensures the Norrøna team have real-time access from any location to instantly update playlists and be responsive to market conditions and trends, in line with their omnichannel approach to combine online and instore media.

Through Engage, the display is configured to be used as one seamless canvass or as two separate screens. Content can easily be configured for these dimensions within the platform. In addition, the display features a 90-degree curve, futureproofing it for the delivery of anamorphic 3D style content.

Working with ZetaDisplay, we have a reliable system for managing and maintaining our screens, which is crucial. There is nothing worse than a retail store with black screens! Using digital display technology enhances our customer experience tenfold – each of our screens has a clear purpose and isn’t just tech for tech’s sake, which makes all the difference.

Bård Kvamme, Norrøna Director


The successful integration of digital signage into the inspiring store aesthetic enhances the overall customer experience by becoming an organic part of the storytelling and ambiance. The clever placement of the LED displays guides the flow of foot traffic, enticing customers to explore various sections while naturally gravitating towards key areas of interest.

With a content strategy that demonstrates Norrøna‘s products in real-life adventures, the brand cultivates trust in its offerings and invites customers to immerse themselves in the brand narrative.

Norrøna House has fast become a vibrant community hub where customers can engage with the brand and team in a dynamic environment that captures the soul and spirit of the Norrøna ethos.

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