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The travellers appreciate new digital opportunities

Hurtigruten was founded 127 years ago and translates to «the fast-route». Ever since the early days the Norwegian cruise company has explored remote areas; first in Norway, later around the globe. Over the years, the focus has switched from fast connections to becoming the world leader in exploration travel. ZetaDisplay has equipped five of the most prestigious cruise liners for Hurtigruten with the latest Digital Signage concepts, bringing alive the company’s intention of creating lifetime memories.


The creation of Digital Signage solution is dependent on a well-functioning internet connection. On the other hand, exploration travel means going to remote places. Remote means lack of online network to update and to monitor systems. “We needed to find a way to tackle the lack of an online network, but still making the system possible to update locally”, says Ola Saeverås, Managing Director for ProntoTV, the Norwegian subsidiary in the Group that has been working for Hurtigruten during the past years.


The main attraction on the vessel is the tallest largest installed LED screen for a cruise ship in the world. This giant display welcomes the guests in the main atrium with measurements of 17.5 x 6.5 meters. The ambition with the screen was to be an eye-catcher. To provide a true “wow-effect” for all arriving guests and setting the tone for the cruise: an extraordinary journey where digital experiences and real-life sensations go hand in hand.

To secure that relevant content is available even if the vessel is not online there is a back-up solution programmed. ZetaDisplay installed a hybrid solution based on the Engage+ content management system with local override capability with on-premises integrations to dynamically bring in content. This means that it is still possible to upload new content on the screens from the numerous cameras and systems onboard (such as velocity, direction, and many more).

The Engage+ CMS was optimised for minimal use of network traffic and the content is downloaded locally to players for playback to avoid online streaming. Only the necessary changes are downloaded and can be limited to a time when there is otherwise low traffic. Additionally, content that is scheduled ahead is downloaded well in advance.


The travellers appreciate new digital opportunities. Of in total 3,750 interactions on a normal voyage of two weeks, the 500 onboard guests started 750 unique sessions. The usage ratio of 1,5 times of the touch table is extremely high and the usage patterns on a specific journey are reported back to Hurtigruten for optimization and improvements of the offered contents. The Expedition Leaders are thrilled to have a tool on board where they can visualize coming expeditions and wildlife. They gather small groups to brief them about the excursions, are narrowcasting the content from touch tables onto big screens allowing more people to take part in the presentations. “It feels high tech, but it is super easy to use. Also, for the older guests, the map is simply amazing!” declares expedition leader Niri O. Tveita.

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