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Flytoget Live TDF Coverage

Real-time live stream activation

ZetaDisplay brought all the top action from the world’s most prestigious multiple-stage bicycle race to passengers commuting on the Flytoget Airport Express Train.  

Škoda has sponsored the Tour De France for 20 years and has been part of countless iconic moments but noticed advertising awareness in traditional channels was on a downward trend. The Škoda team needed to be able to differentiate from its competitors, gaining distinction in a saturated market.

Škoda had previously been present during countless iconic moments in the global sporting event but wanted to achieve increased advertising impact and awareness in traditional channels. In Q2, Škoda conducted a campaign test that achieved an advertising awareness of 28%. With these results in mind, Škoda set the bar for the Flytoget live takeover to deliver a 30% awareness increase.

The brand wanted to work with Flytoget to access its large guaranteed audience network to extend its reach into new territories and achieve a 30% increase in brand awareness.


The privately state-owned company wanted to deliver the highlights as they happen to passengers using its own media network to keep them engaged with the onboard entertainment, rather than losing their attention to second screen devices.  

ZetaDisplay rose to the challenge of delivering real-time highlights to the commuter train, capturing the action and facilitating the live stream.  

The company’s official race leader, sporting her very own yellow jersey, closely followed the 21 stages of the tour, which took place across 23 days throughout France and Northern Spain, to identify the moments that were of peak interest and activate the takeover of the airport express train’s onboard digital signage network. 


ZetaDisplay delivered the full turnkey solution to curate and manage the takeover and is already the operator of the Flytoget digital signage platform.  

This uses ZetaDisplay’s proprietary CMS platform, Engage+ to manage the content, with a bespoke integration created to activate the live stream. This was delivered in collaboration with Flytoget Media, television network TV2, the event’s official main and vehicle partner Skoda and PHD.  

The live stream content was framed by an introduction, advertorial message and a closing outro, all of which has been designed and will be delivered by the ZetaDisplay team of content creators.  

Stay Connected

As part of the 2023 Tour De France, ZetaDisplay and Flytoget partnered with TV2, Skoda, and PHD to provide real-time highlights of Tour De France which was shown across the screens within the airport express throughout the duration of the race.


The Tour De France sponsorship provided the perfect opportunity for Škoda to expand out of the TV universe and tap into other markets. The existing Flytoget digital signage ecosystem already had a loyal customer base, with large guaranteed audiences boarding every nineteen minutes, making the operator the perfect partner for this streaming experiment.

Approximately 50% of Flytoget travelers typically use the screens during their journey to find departure times, receive breaking news and access other important information. Flytoget’s existing digital signage network provided the framework to conduct the experiment with only rigging systems requiring alterations.

This fast-moving campaign proved to be incredibly successful for all parties involved with results showing a dramatic increase in attention, which surpassed the initial target by 3%. The sender ID and sponsor associations saw the biggest uplift in numbers with a whopping 15% point boost in association with Škoda.

“ZetaDisplay has been a key partner for Flytoget Media. Without their expertise and understanding of what it takes to set up a DOOH network, it would have been difficult to take this in house.

We have not only taken over media sales, but also improved our product.  This has been possible by taking advantage of the digital opportunities that ZetaDisplay has given us.

I can honestly recommend ZetaDisplay as not just a supplier, but a long-term partner”.

Ingar Jorunsonn, Head of Flytoget Media