Mio is one of Sweden’s largest furniture chains. In 2014 they replaced their old digital signage solution. The main reason for Mio to choose to partner with ZetaDisplay was to secure a more stable and reliable platform.

A Mio store is often a large premises and to provide the store with an effective digital signage solution they have chosen to have digital displays following the customer throughout the store. Some premises have up to 40 displays installed.

To be able to fill the displays with relevant content in a cost efficient way Mio works with templates. The templates are custom made and with predetermined features, functions and design, Mio creates content within minutes. This gives the marketing department at Mio the tools they need to manage their digital signage investment in a fast and flexible way. They know that the right content is showing at the right display at the right time.

Mio works with the traditional zones such as entrance, campaign and checkout, but they also communicate in the zones Kids Corner; where children are entertained while their parents are shopping, and Build Your Own Couch; where the tool to interactively design your own couch is promoted.