ZetaDisplay ten Digital Signage Award nominations

ZetaDisplay is a proud finalist in seven categories of the Digital Signage Awards with a whopping 10 nominations! This outstanding achievement is testament to an incredible year of innovative project designs, seamless turnkey delivery and futureproofed content creation and software development.

The annual Digital Signage Awards recognise the outstanding campaigns, creative executions and technical innovations in the world of Digital Signage, DOOH advertising and digital visual experiences.

Corporate & Workplace

We are nominated for two projects in the corporate and workplace category recognising our influence in creating hybrid workplace destinations.

Working alongside retail franchisee Ingka, we transformed its HQ in the USA with a 6m x 3m LED display Experience Wall and an accompanying content solution including gamification, business critical integrations and dynamic feeds to help company culture to thrive.

For real estate developer and investment company Smedvig, we played a pivotal part in developing the ‘Innoasis’, a 4000 square meter co-working space. We installed a 6m x 2m LED display Experience Wall in the main foyer with a futureproofed content solution and bespoke CMS to simplify management controlled via ZetaDisplay’s proprietary Engage software. 


We have two finalists in the retail category.

For ATG Sports we delivered a futureproofed Digital Signage management solution to 1200 ATG Sports locations across Sweden, including ATG stores and kiosks within convenience stores. This business-critical update was required to bring advanced functionality to ATG including control of displays to enhance sustainability, preventative maintenance to mitigate downtime and a new CMS suite to advance its content offering to customers. 

Working with XXL Sport we delivered an attention-grabbing Digital Signage solution in its Stockholm store to raise awareness of its location on the second floor of the The Bromma Blocks shopping centre. We installed a 7.5m high, 3.9mm pixel pitch Absen transparent LED mesh window screen which dynamically fuses media content with real world visuals behind it.

Creative Execution –marketing or communication

We are a finalist with Ingka for the delivery of a dynamic and futureproofed content solution for its Experience Wall, which includes dynamic feeds to ensure it is always updated, gamification and integration with business systems for desk and room booking. 

Creative execution – creative for visual experience

Alongside XXL Sport, we are a finalist for the creation of content on the LED mesh, which has 80% transparency so that the window can still be utilised when no content is playing. When dark colours are used it turns into a dramatic display ideal for messaging. Creative content can be designed so that it interacts with physical objects placed in the window and doesn’t need to be a full display.  

Creative Execution – visualization of dynamic, integrated data for business purposes and utility

We are a finalist with ATG Sports, recognised for the new content features now available to the brand through the move to our Engage CMS. This includes DOOH campaign management and proof of play, different playlists at each regional location and integration with omnichannel campaigns by importing content created for other platforms and having it automatically scale for the display variations across the network.

Technical Advances and Innovation in Display and Other Devices

We are recognised in this category with XXL Sport for a bespoke integration we developed with our Engage CMS platform, creating a real-time price comparison tool to track the differing prices online of Adidas trainers. This innovation is designed to bring the online and in-store shopping worlds together, demonstrating to customers that they are getting the best deals in store to encourage them to purchase.

Technical Advances and Innovation in Management Software, Data Integration and AI

We are a finalist in this category with ATG Sports for the advanced functionality that our Engage CMS has brought to the brand. This includes remote control of all devices and displays, so screens can be switched off overnight to enhance sustainability and reduce operational costs. The data and analytics module of Engage also provides updates about usage so ATG can make amends to the UI or surrounding in-store promotions to capture more shopper attention.

We are also a finalist with Ingka for our use of Engage to deliver a futureproofed content solution for this immersive signage experience, which incorporates gamification, business operation features and dynamic feed integration, controlled through a bespoke CMS solution based on our Engage software.

The winners of the 2023 awards will be announced during the week of ISE and alongside the SIXTEEN:NINE ISE Mixer at the Esferic Events Center in Barcelona on 2nd February.