ZetaDisplay and Hemköp / Axfood announce framework agreement for digital signage solutions and services

Photo: Hemköp

Leading European digital signage solutions provider ZetaDisplay has entered into a multi-year framework agreement with Axfood, initially for the development and establishment of a new digital signage solutions concept for leading Swedish grocery retail chain Hemköp covering 220 stores. Hemköp wanted to challenge established digital signage practices and deliver a refreshed in-store solutions concept backed by business value focus, data and analytics across its network of stores in Sweden.

Ted Bergström, Hemköp Marketing Director explains:

“Going into this project we had very clear ROI demands along with the need to innovate. Working alongside ZetaDisplay, we are proud to have pushed the boundaries of what Digital Signage can achieve in retail environments by challenging established practices and instigating a fresh approach. The ZetaDisplay team really took time to understand our business and developed a bespoke solution that allowed us to better communicate with our customers. This has helped us to hone our marketing approach through optimized technical set-up as well as content creation and relevant messaging. This project has really come with a great many innovative business and marketing insights that we are now aiming to roll out as soon as possible across all our stores.”

Re-imagined the Digital Signage solutions network

ZetaDisplay has together with Hemköp re-imagined the Digital Signage solutions network in relation to the customer journey in each of Hemköps unique store types to enhance effectiveness of messaging through display type, placement and content, redefining the purpose of the display and content based on where the customer is in their shopper journey to ensure each investment delivers significant ROI.

“We’re happy and humbled to have been given the trust to partner with one of the leading Swedish grocery chains in developing their new digital signage concept. The conceptual ideas, strategic and analytical insights that our teams have unlocked in this project have been truly inspiring. We are now developing the next level of business focused digital signage solutions in grocery retail, for the long-term. I’m very excited about our new partnership with Hemköp and what we will be able to achieve in the years to come”, explains Anders Olin, ZetaDisplay group CEO.

Malmö 13 November 2023

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