“What kind of displays do you have?”

What kind of displays do you have?” This is how most of our customers start their discussions with us.

The truth is that we sell all kinds of displays, but instead of replying this, my question back to the customer is:

“What would you like to achieve with your digital display?”

When choosing a display device, it is important to think about the role of the display as well as the content and its physical placement. In a store, restaurant, or other public space, digital displays can have several different roles depending on the location.

Displays that are placed in a window or at the entrance of the store attract potential customers inside. They are step number one in the purchasing process and influence the purchasing decision that might also happen later on. In a window, it is also important to consider the brightness of the display as it needs to be high enough to draw attention.

The campaign and shelf-end displays will influence the purchasing decision directly. Displays can be placed in a fixed spot or at a secondary point of sale supporting product launches or communicating offers. Their selling power is guaranteed!

Digital displays can also be used to support brand advertising or to inspire the consumer. Department-specific screens support cross-departmental marketing and thereby also increase sales.

Displays that are placed near the cash register area can still influence last-minute impulse purchases or they can be used to inform about future campaigns.

On top of the properly selected display devices and carefully planned placement is of course well-designed content that will make the final impact on the customer at the point of decision. 

Does this feel complicated?

It doesn’t have to be – and we are here to help.

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