Now we need fast and innovative communication solutions – Thoughts of our own Annukka Pokki

Annukka Pokki, Commercial Director of ZetaDisplay Finland Oy, shares her thoughts regarding the ongoing global health situation and the importance of communications.

We are facing a need for exceptional and innovative solutions. None of us has a crystal ball telling us what will happen tomorrow or next week. However, the need to distribute information in this ever-changing situation is greater than ever.

Whenever there is a need, for example, to change the opening hours of a shop, fixed signage or tapes are not done in a flash. Instead, a digital message is generated and exchanged quickly, even automatically retrieved from the background system or web pages. Employee communication screens can be used to communicate rapidly changing information and instructions to your staff and to maintain our spirit at the workplace. Hygiene guidelines, restrictions on the number of people, news and social media streams are just examples of the content that is appropriate for the moment. The power of high-speed digital communications is at its best in the current situation.

In this newsletter, I was supposed to tell you about the world’s retail breeze from last month’s Euroshop2020, the time just before the corona hit us hardest. Instead, my thoughts are now on our customers, both large corporations and small entrepreneur-driven businesses. I keep thinking about how we at ZetaDisplay could help our customers in this situation. I believe that a quick response in customer communications and up-to-date content on-site displays reinforces trust even in challenging situations.

It is clear that in some cases planned investments need to be postponed. On the other hand, it is important to keep your eyes on the times as the situation improves again and the economy returns to its normal pace. At ZetaDisplay, we are well prepared for this situation, and we are able to deliver our clients both previously agreed and new projects.

If the changed market situation causes you a headache, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist with both content management and display solutions. We also provide flexible financing solutions. I would also like to remind you that if this exceptional situation has a significant impact on your business and you use our services, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will work together to find a solution to your situation.

– Annukka –

The author is Annukka Pokki, Commercial Director of ZetaDisplay Finland Oy.