Infocomm 2024 impressions from the show floor

Sphere in Las Vegas by Harold Litwiler
Sphere in Las Vegas by Harold Litwiler

Infocomm 2024 in Las Vegas broke visitor attendance records for the first time post pandemic, welcoming 30, 271 verified attendees from 125 countries. Two of them were Jørn Olsen, ZetaDisplay’s Head of Marketing and Customer Experience and Maria Pehrsson, our Head of Creative, who explored the show floor, and the city itself, to discover the latest innovations and creative applications of technology and content.

Data and analytics

We took to the stage to deliver a session on how we challenged the established Digital Signage practices for Swedish grocery retailer Hemköp.

Hemköp approached us to create a refreshed and personalized in-store solution across its network of stores in Sweden, backed by data and analytics. We conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research to enable real-time reporting and deliver advanced modelling for sophisticated analysis, taking into account the zone, type of campaign running at any given time and the live sales figures.

As a result, we identified 12 different zones and three types of post pandemic shoppers. Understanding the shopper types, store zones and interactions has reinformed the digital signage approach in store and across the industry.

Our session was well received and sparked key debates around digital signage in the retail space. 

If you’d like to know more, we’ll be recreating the experience during a live webinar September. Sign up now to be the first to know the webinar date and details after the summer. Secure your spot today and stay ahead in the industry on this link!

Content Experiences

On the show floor, creative content experiences took center stage to capture visitor attention, make a statement and showcase technology that we may have seen before, but with a refreshed vigour.

LG’s kinetic wall, for example, featured moving parts that made the content come alive in new and unique ways.

Panasonic’s Silky Fine mist reinvented the traditional canvas by generating a fine water mist, then projecting on to it, bringing an element of mystique and adding to the experiential value.

Transparent LED displays were a popular feature across the show floor. US LED distributor Holoscape presented its Muxwave transparent LED poster series. We were drawn to the sharp color density and fun animations that danced around on the display, delivering spectacular moving media.

Epson focused on Cirque du Soleil for its content, with a performer doing circus acts against a responsive projection mapped background.


Applications of interactivity took many forms at the show, ranging from LG’s 30” transparent LED display with touch screen functionality to Samsung’s smart environment showcase. This featured lights, signage and action to demonstrate how automation for B2B settings goes beyond just the visual and display elements and encompasses a wider show ecosystem that should be brought into consideration.

Gamification sees no sign of going anywhere with intelligent features, AI based puzzles and gesture activated games taking prevalence on the floor. We particularly liked the Pictionary game where players were given something to draw and an AI guessed what the object was before moving on to the next challenge.

LED becoming more accessible

LED Foil technology is coming to the fore opening up the possibilities in the LED space. In particular, the award-winning IllumiWrap powered by LightnTec from i5LED is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin versatile product that can be applied to indoor and outdoor surfaces by velcro, reducing the weight by 70%.

We witnessed a variety of different options for the All-In-One display solutions but Absen’s Icon X 163” really impressed us with its mobile ability, scale and multiple application functionality.


While the sustainability message was not as prevalent as we have seen at European shows, LG was leading the way with innovations including its EV charging station with integrated displays, and Samsung had its E-ink available in larger formats, with enticing colors that drew in crowds and wowed visitors.

LED Vegas

Outside of the show technology is being used to deliver incredibly immersive guest experiences that dazzled and delighted. As the largest LED canvas with 16,000 x 16,000 resolution in Las Vegas, The Sphere boasts the highest-resolution LED screen in the world. The multisensory experience included immersive audioscapes, atmospheric simulations complete with scent, wind and haptics combined.

Demonstrations of AI kept guests entertained along with interactions from robots during the pre show segment and we were impressed by the large Holofan 3D showcase which delivered eye-catching content at scale.

Other notable places included Arte Museum where experience was at the forefront of the space hosted by South Korean content agency, D:strict. The show utilised immersive room design and interactive elements to set the scene for fun adventures. We liked the touch based activities where you could draw on preset animals then scan your design to see it come to life in an animated form on the screen.

We explored the wider Vegas playground and its retail district where we noticed most retailers don’t utilize signage. Instead, we were impressed by the sheer size and scale of outdoor signage on offer – creativity is in abundance in the glittering desert.

Infocomm 2024 was focused primarily on feature enrichment with big names in the industry hinting that ISE will set the stage for big revelations, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled until then.

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