Your first playlist: from start to finish!

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Your first playlist: from start to finish!

In this ZetaDisplay Video Tutorial we will provide you with a step by step guide. After this tutorial you will understand how our CMS works so you can start with your own professional TV channel.

The basics

1. Explore the ZetaDisplay CMS basics

In this first video you will become acquainted with our CMS. Learn everything about your Dashboard and the options from our menu. After this video you can begin with the start of your professional TV channel.

2. How to add and create media in ZetaDisplay CMS

In this second video you will learn how to upload images and videos from your own computer to the ZetaDisplay CMS. You can then edit these media within our CMS.

3. How to use media from template

In this third video you will learn how to use the media uploaded in step 2 in our user-friendly ZetaDisplay templates and how to adjust these templates so that they can be used for your professional TV channel.

4. How to organize your media files

We think it is important that you can work quickly and effectively with our software. That is why in this fourth video we explain how you can organize your media according to your own wishes.

5. Create campaigns and playlists

In this fifth video you will learn how you can use your uploaded and created media in a campaign. After this step you have published your first playlist and you can enjoy your professional TV channel.


1. How to publish media on specific days and times

In this extra video you learn how to use segments. With segments you can determine that a campaign only plays on certain days between predetermined times.

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