Gauddi continues under the name ZetaDisplay. After ZetaDisplay took over the company in mid-October 2019, the name change took place on July 1st.

With 20 years of experience in the field of Digital Signage, ZetaDisplay is a leader in the European market and the company is ready to expand further. ZetaDisplay operates more than 50,000 installations in 50 markets worldwide. With the addition of Gauddi, ZetaDisplay is the second-largest Digital Signage provider in Europe.


ZetaDisplay operates from the Netherlands with 160 professionals in total, serving major brands such as KPN, ING, Luxaflex, RAI Amsterdam, Jaguar Land Rover, GrandVision, Ziggo Dome and Pathé on advanced Digital Signage solutions. More than a hundred experts work in seven other offices in Europe. With the acquisition of Gauddi last year, the originally Swedish company has strengthened its international footprint in order to meet the increased customer demand.


Edo Sleutelberg, sales manager: “Team Gauddi has now been part of ZetaDisplay for eight months. During this period we have been busy integrating our activities. As of July 1, the name Gauddi will disappear and we will continue sailing under the ZetaDisplay banner. Our team is looking forward to a new phase in which we will continue the pleasant and constructive cooperation with our relations and partners. ”


Hans-Christiaan de Vaan, Regional Manager of ZetaDisplay: “ZetaDisplay is a full-service supplier in the field of Digital Signage and operates worldwide. We are a European market leader and together with Gauddi we will provide an even broader target group with the best product. ”