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Streamline Business Operations

with QuickCast Multi-Content Casting

The Universal Need for Efficient Content Management Across Industries

Whether a retail store that displays promotional content, a restaurant updating its menu board, or a corporate office broadcasting internal communication, the need for efficient content management is universal.

Efficient content management is crucial for smooth operations and engaging effectively with your audience. Businesses across various industries rely heavily on digital signage to convey important messages, promote products, and enhance customer experiences.

Operational Challenges

Digital signage technology is crucial for achieving this goal by allowing users to effortlessly schedule and broadcast content, providing a dynamic method to engage with customers and staff. Through customer data and feedback, we’ve identified some common challenges our customers encounter:

  • Limited Accessibility: In many environments, staff may not have ready access to a computer or tablet. Some may not have the necessary permission to alter content, and this can lead to delays in updating important information, resulting in invalid content being displayed.   
  • Unexpected Content Changes: In situations where unexpected and immediate updates are required—such as during flash sales, menu changes, or emergency alerts—the inability to swiftly adjust displayed content can be a significant drawback.

Boost Business Productivity with QuickCast

QuickCast is an app designed to complement our Engage CMS, enhancing its flexibility and providing end-users with greater control over content management. With QuickCast, users can effortlessly switch between slots of content using a dedicated remote control, eliminating the need to access the CMS directly. This app simplifies the process, allowing staff without computer access to manage content effectively and streamline operations, thereby giving your CMS even more adaptability and ease of use.

Key Features of QuickCast

Dedicated Remote Control: Use a dedicated remote control to switch between slots of content with ease. This feature is especially useful in businesses where quick content changes are necessary, such as retail stores during peak hours or restaurants updating daily specials. The remote-control functionality ensures that staff can manage content quickly without needing to access a computer.

Multi-Casting Slots: QuickCast supports up to 9 predefined content slots, allowing businesses to store and manage multiple sets of content efficiently. This feature is especially useful for organizations with diverse content needs throughout the day.

Seamless Integration with Engage CMS: QuickCast is designed to work in harmony with Engage CMS, providing a complementary solution that enhances the overall content management experience. Engage CMS remains the central hub for creating, editing, and organizing the slots of content, while QuickCast simplifies the process of switching between content slots in real-time. This integration allows for easy synchronization of content updates, ensuring that the information displayed across screens is always current and relevant.

Compatibility with Various Screen Types: QuickCast is compatible with various screen types and settings, making it a versatile solution. Whether you’re using large digital displays in a retail store, smaller screens in a corporate office, or menu boards in a restaurant, QuickCast ensures seamless integration.

How QuickCast Works

  • Manage and Organize Content: Begin by managing and organizing your content within the Engage CMS. This platform enables you to create, edit, and arrange your digital signage content efficiently.
  • Access QuickCast App: Go to the Template Library in the CMS to access the QuickCast App, which will then open the Content Creator.*
  • Assign Content to Slots: In the QuickCast app, assign your desired content to the designated slots. QuickCast supports up to 9 content slots, providing the flexibility to prepare various content scenarios.
  • Cast and Switch Content: Use the dedicated remote control to cast and switch content to the screens. This feature allows staff to change displays quickly and easily without needing direct access to the CMS, ensuring your content is always current and relevant.

*The QuickCast app is available for purchase separately. Please consult your local representative for further information.

Practical Applications of QuickCast in Business Operations


In retail environments, QuickCast can be used to dynamically display promotional content, sales information, and product advertisements. During peak shopping hours, staff can quickly switch to special sales playlists, ensuring that customers are always informed about the latest offers and promotions. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also drives sales and boosts revenue.


Restaurants and hotels can benefit greatly from QuickCast’s multi-content casting feature. Menu boards can be updated in real time to reflect changes in availability or special offers, while event schedules and venue information can be displayed dynamically. This ensures that guests are always informed and engaged, enhancing their overall experience.


In corporate settings, QuickCast can be used to streamline internal communications and information displays. Company announcements, meeting schedules, and important updates can be broadcast across office screens, ensuring that employees are always in the loop. The remote-control feature allows for quick content changes during meetings or presentations, enhancing the overall efficiency of corporate communications.

Cash Lanes

Cash lanes are used to efficiently manage queue lines at cashier stations. QuickCast facilitates the ability to open and close cash lanes as needed, ensuring optimal management of customer flow and enhancing operational efficiency in retail settings.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies often use multiple screens for property listings, virtual tours, and promotions. QuickCast enables agents to effortlessly switch between property playlists, ensuring potential buyers view current and relevant information. During showings or open houses, agents can promptly showcase property details, including images, videos, and key selling points, enhancing client experience and boosting sales.

Emergency Management

In the event of an emergency, staff can quickly disseminate alerts and instructions to all screens in the facility, ensuring that everyone is informed and can respond promptly. This quick dissemination of information is crucial in maintaining safety and order during emergencies.

Game Changer to Streamline Your Operations

QuickCast’s multi-content casting feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their operations and enhance content management. By integrating QuickCast with your existing Engage CMS, you can achieve greater efficiency, save time, and improve productivity.

Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, corporate environments, real estate, or emergency management, QuickCast provides a versatile and user-friendly solution that meets your digital signage needs. Embrace the future of content management with QuickCast and experience the benefits of seamless, efficient content delivery.

Explore the power of QuickCast in enhancing efficiency and productivity. Reach out today to start streamlining your operations.

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