No worries, our customer support team will help!

Our support teams are dedicated to helping you. In an interview with our Finnish Customer Support Team we got some questions answered about the team’s daily work at our Vantaa office:

ZetaDisplay Finland’s customer support team employs eight technical customer service professionals. The team has special expertise in many areas, e.g. network infrastructure, hardware, and the company’s own software.

What is the job description of the customer support team?

The role of the customer support team is to process support requests from customers and to serve customers quickly and appropriately.

We also provide our customers with proactive monitoring, which means that we are able to react to a customer’s fault situation before it becomes a practical problem.

This service now brings peace of mind during these exceptional times of the Coronavirus, for example, to restaurant operators whose people are in the field delivering food and do not have the resources to monitor their own displays.


How would you describe your usual everyday work life?

At the Vantaa office, we work in the control room, where we have a full-width video wall. On the screen, we see customer support requests and their progress in real-time.

The video wall also shows us a variety of statistics that we can follow to respond quickly if, for example, a particular category of support request begins to grow.

How many contacts do you get per day?

We get an average of 25-30 contacts a day. The most common topic of contact is that the customer has a dark screen.

Most fault situations can be resolved remotely, but every now and then the situation requires a maintenance visit. Then we physically send the installer to the site.

What is the fastest way to get help in a problem situation?

The fastest way to get help is to carefully fill out the support request form, which can be found on our website.

It is our hope that as much advance information as possible about the fault situation, as well as the checks and actions are already taken, will be written on the form so that we can catch the problem most effectively.

It is not always necessary to even send a support form, as the form also provides advice on how to resolve a fault yourself. We also want to emphasize the importance of cooperation between the customer and our team in resolving support requests.

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