A sustainable future


We are on a mission to improve our position as a sustainable company, including reducing our already relatively low carbon footprint even further.  

As a leading European player, it is our responsibility to lead the way by addressing sustainability issues in a structured and purposeful manner, and to develop a framework that can be used as a template for other industry companies.  

We have a limited environmental impact as our product offering is cloud-based, we interact with consumers through digital communication and travel for installations is planned responsibly. Hardware used for the installations is recycled by the customer at the end of its lifecycle, a process that we support through regional recycling initiatives in local markets. 

To take us that step further in 2021, we have appointed a task force who are establishing a framework that describes the overall sustainability issues to which the company should relate, and will be complemented by concrete goals, activities and follow-up. The aim is for sustainability to become an integral part of our way of working. 

“We have our roots in the Nordics. Our social traditions and our corporate culture imply a natural and obvious commitment to sustainability issues. We’re putting that into effect now,” explains Daniel Oelker, our Chief Communication Officer responsible for sustainability issues in the Group. 

More information about the specific initiatives will be published in the upcoming Annual Report, to be published during April this year.