ZetaDisplay has, together with the Volkswagen Group, been developing their digital signage concept for the Nordic market since 2008. The communication strategies and concepts are different for the three associated brands, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. Today we have active installations in over 160 facilities in the Nordic region.

Each brand works with different zones within their facilities, where the zones are strategically placed and the content tailored for the purpose of that particular zone. All are set up to communicate each brand´s particular image. Volkswagen communicates in the zones of highlight, customer lounge, service, dispatch, transport vehicles, accessories and used cars.

Local facilities have access to the ZetaPortal, the content tool where by means of templates they create, schedule and control their own content as a smaller part of the centrally managed global playlist.

ZetaDisplay is the strategic partner to Volkswagen. As a full service provider it includes fields of digital strategy, concept, playlist strategy and construction, content production, template production, hardware, rollout, scheduling, monitoring, broadcast and support.