Løplabbet is a brand specialising in providing all the equipment needed for people with a passion for running.

Løplabbet wanted to improve the communication with their customers. Running is a field where there is a lot of information available and the customer often needs help to find the right product.

ZetaDisplay and Løplabbet partnered up to find a solution which would benefit both the customers and the employees. The digital signage investment has shown that the information enables the customers to ask the right questions when being helped by the staff. The customer can prepare and think through what type of running shoe is right for them and hopefully also get inspired by the content as to why they also should buy that extra set of equipment. A great example of how inspiration leads to upsales at the same time as it keeps the customer informed and entertained while waiting for their turn.

The marketing department at Løplabbet creates, controls and schedules all the content in the stores. They produce new content within minutes using templates and they use the content tool, the ZetaPortal, to manage it.