Alcoholic Beverages


Research shows that there is a clear correlation between alcoholic beverages consumption and harm done by people under the influence; the more we drink, the greater the harm done by alcohol. Different countries have different approaches to the sale of alcohol and therefore also different strategies when it comes to digital communication. The governments of Norway, Sweden and Finland aim to reduce overall alcohol consumption and have therefore chosen to regulate alcohol sales by having official outlets, namely Systembolaget, Vinmonopolet and Alko.

Whether the aim is to increase sales of alcoholic beverages, or to promote responsible alcohol consumption, digital communication helps achieve those goals. It is also an industry that has clear statistics of when and who visits their stores throughout the week, a very important factor to facilitate the effective use of digital communication.


How can digital signage improve communication in the alcoholic beverages industry?

  • Educates the customers, both on the effects of alcohol and the availability of different products.



  • Guides customers interactively or by means of a digital personalised service.




  • Promotes services and products in order to increase sales responsively.




  • Creates an inspiring environment and enhances the purchasing experience.


  • Assures consistent signage throughout the brand.



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